Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Updates: May 2018

From my last post, readers will know that i was unemployed and ready to stay at home to care for my family. For some fortunate or unfortunate reasons, (I would prefer to think that it was a fortunate reason), after 1.5 months of unemployment and not looking for a job, a job came knocking my door. So, i thought of giving it a last shot.

Fast forward, i am going to tender resignation on Aug 2018 (yes, again and again). See, My priority has always been personal and i am not inclined to be a social elite, I will not thrive in a corporate world. The feeling should be mutual. My employer will not find me as an award winning employee, who is willing to go extra mile in term of working hours.

This should be my last full time employment job, probably.

I presume most people who read financial blog knows what is Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE).

I have achieved FIRE. My definition? Passive cashflow more than expenses. Realistic, my expenses have been dropping. Even if i considered asset drawdown, my equity and bonds should be able to last me till very very old age. I would love to work 1 more year to build up more buffer, but my family probably need me more than my employer. And my employer probably need someone else more than me. Haha.

I have to thank my wife for being more capable in generating income than me. Her surplus probably can cover my minion portfolio. I have probably enough, she alone can cover the entire family including me. I try not to take her money and pay 50% of the household bills. In return, i will do almost all housechores, for free.

How am I supposed to enjoy my remaining 50 years of life if i live till 85 years old? Probably, housechores, educating my 2 beautiful children, spend time with my wife, a bit of sports, reading, and doing nothing. (Yes, i enjoy doing nothing)

胸无大志?(A man with no ambition). Probably. My ambition is to spend time with my family, increasing their quality of life. Including mine. A life that i designed and dictated for myself. This, is the biggest dream i can have. Freedom. 自由。

Monday, 8 May 2017

Perspectives: Finance and Lifestyle

As shared in my previous post, I have tendered resignation. Today marks my last day of my 10 years career life, most probably. It took me 1 whole month to detox the corporate "nonsense" that is so deep inside me, and I am still detoxing in process. I was experiencing withdrawal syndromes. I was panicking about my finance and lost sleep over it. I began to look for jobs for about 2 weeks, before I paused again.

Last Thursday on 4 May 2017, after 2 weeks of job search, I was called for an interview and I went. During the interview, I explained honestly about my situation and shared my "abilities" to perform the role that they interviewed me for. Then, I questioned myself, is this really what I want?

Here are some important points why my decision to leave workforce could be a correct but painful choice.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Consolidating My New Chapter of Life

Hello all friends and readers, I am back from a 6-months blog vacation! *Warning, this is going to be a lengthy post.

My 2nd child born on 9 March 2017! Now, with my elder daughter, they actually formed a word "好". For the benefit of my non-chinese illiterate friends, it means "good", with the characters of "female" followed by a "son". Obviously, I can't plan for the genders so please don't ask me for tips. Thank you for making a complete package for me, a lovely wife, daughter and son! Although 4 was not my auspicious number, now it becomes the auspicious Fantastic 4!

Friday, 30 December 2016

Being Employed Is a Fulfilment?

Hello there! Yes, I know, I am on blog vacation. I have a burning curiosity about a question and I happened to have some time to write now.

If you meet ALL these criteria :

  1. Employed staff (exclude self employed); &
  2. Would continue with your current job without being paid or paid only 50% of your current salary
Yes, this post is for you!

May I find out why do you enjoy being employed after taking away your salary from the equation?

These are some of the reasons I dislike working life, honestly:

  1. KPIs;
  2. Having to follow boss instructions regardless of you being agreed or not;
  3. How to do your work in the way they want;
  4. When to do your work and by when for submission;
  5. Who to manage and sack, if applicable;
  6. Which days to work in a week;
  7. What time you have to report to work and end your work day;
  8. Taking away time from your family, hobbies and running errands;
  9. How many annual leave you have in a year;
  10. Outsourcing big chunk of your short life (say 80 years) to your company by allowing them to tell you how to live your life;
  11. And the list continues...
Would greatly appreciate if you can enlighten me why you love your job so much that you no need to be paid to follow the above conditions?

If the reason you work is purely because of money, then how much do you want? How do you balance between your time spent for yourself and time spent to earn money for your wants? Say from 25 years old till 65 years old where you got most energy and maturity, how many years of these 40 years will you spent earning for extra wants and how many years will you spent designing and living your own life for yourself?

Feel free to give your opinion but I urge everyone to maintain respect for each other. It is a discussion and please do not take it personal. No individual should be quoted or mentioned. Thanks.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Thank You Very Much!

I seldom write long post. Here is a rather long post, and could be my last post for a very long time as I will be focusing on things that I wanted to excel, which I have listed down below.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Achieving Financial Independence, or later?

I have been pondering about this for months. A decision that will affect my family well being. 

Saturday, 5 November 2016

New Family Member, New Family Blog, New New

My family size will increase from 3 to 4 soon. My wife is expecting (I am expecting too, the joy). So, what is it like to be a father? Here is a video that promise tears: